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7 Great Benefits of Hiring an International Career Coach

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Are you unsatisfied in your international career? Are you now considering working with an international career coach to help you advance professionally?

re you doubting of the benefits of working with a coach? Are you wondering if that would be worth the financial investment? Many questions must be running through your head, and chances are you aren’t sure how to find the answers to those questions.

You are right to ask such questions. A valuable international career coach can really help you achieve your goals internationally and get what you want in the long-term. Coaching is a financial and emotional investment for yourself or your expat spouse, and you will need to be clear on what results you would get before starting any coaching relationships. Here are some interesting benefits on how an international career coach could help you advance your career globally:

1.Come up with a focused plan

You are preparing to move abroad, or you already live abroad, and you are now ready to move forward in your international career. You are not sure what to do for the next steps of your career. You have no plan and you may start to randomly Google potential careers online. Without clear directions, you may not be sure what to look for and you may waste hours of time on unfocused searches or even applying to random jobs. It may soon start to cause extra stress and pressure to your busy life and you may quickly lose motivation. After a while you may end up being unconfident, unemployed, burned out, or working in a bread-and-butter job for the rest of your life.

An international career coach can help you get out of this international nightmare by helping you to come up with a plan and be accountable to it. Not only can coaches guide you in the right direction, strategize your job search, they can also help you come up with a long-term plan so you can finally live your international legacy.

2.Make quick decisions

You want to explore for a new career and you are not sure how to make a decision. Your friends might not be the greatest advisors, despite their good intentions. They constantly give you advice on what they would do if they were you: “If I were you, I would take any job”; “Just apply to anything that pays the bills”; “Find a job that pays the most”; “Just stay at your dead-end job because of the money.” Despite their good intentions, their advice will leave you confused and hesitant about making the right decision. But remember that the answers are within yourself, and there is no need to look elsewhere. Avoid stagnating in your career because you’re paralyzed in making a decision. A valuable international career coach can help you make a strong, focused decision for your future and maximize your career abroad.

3.Explore safely

If you are not sure which career you should explore, there is no need to immediately quit your day job to live off your broke passion. You also do not need to constantly change jobs and end up ruining your chances on the international employment market.

An international career coach can help you make a safe career transition to explore what you want and potentially find the perfect bridge job for your career.

4.Achieve your goals globally

You want to explore a new career with a face-to-face coach but you have limited time because of your family commitments, work, or travel abroad. You end up giving up on the idea of working with a coach because it’s impossible to meet in the coach’s office. I have personally worked with several clients globally who were based in Singapore, the United States, China, India, and France, and some of my best coaching has been on the phone. Face-to-face coaching is also great and usually gives the same results as phone coaching. Coaching on the phone has the advantage of helping you focus on yourself at a dedicated time with no visual distractions, and it can help you achieve your international career goals while in the comfort of your own home.

5.Become self-aware of your strengths and purpose

Taking up the challenge of moving abroad and learning a new language can be gratifying for an unsatisfied ego. At first, it may be fun because you are meeting new people, but after a while, you may end up losing your connection with your real self.

An international career coach can help you find your real career purpose and focus on what you really want. You will gain awareness of your strengths and develop an international career that suits you according to your unique and diverse strengths, and who you are.

6. Enhance your international employability

As an international worker, you may have worked in different positions, sectors, or places, and you may not be sure how to brand yourself anymore because you have done so many things. You are not sure what is expected in the international employment market, and you are afraid to destroy your chances by applying to different jobs without a clear and employable profile.

An international career coach can help you market yourself internationally to get the career you really want. Not only will you gain practical support, but you will also put the pieces of your international picture together.

7.Transition smoothly to a new culture

Working abroad can be stressful and confusing; you will be far from your friends and family. You may not be sure about how to prepare for your relocation, the cultural codes or who to socialize with. You may miss interesting business and career opportunities because of cultural misunderstandings.

Not only will a certified international coach with global experience relate to your experience abroad, but you will also receive great cultural guidance to achieve your career goals. Moving abroad is also about making sure you have resources available after your move.

U Diverse can help you make the change. We provide in-depth coaching from ICF-certified coaches and trainers who speak French, English, Dutch, Spanish and German. Take action and get matched with our coaches today with us today. Call us on +31 6 55 83 24 42 and email us at You can also follow us on LinkedIn and check our website:

About U Diverse’s founder: Magali Toussaint is the founder of U Diverse. She is an ICF-certified leadership and career coach, cross-cultural trainer and job search strategist with an extensive career in recruitment, HR, diversity, and education. She has also helped international organizations on their talent acquisition strategies and diversity plans. She has lived and worked in over four countries. To learn more, visit her Linkedin profile at

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