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How to Write an International Resume​

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If you are considering an international career or just a stint of working abroad, you will need to work on your resume.

Most people assume that they will need to tailor their resume based on the specific country they are traveling to – however in some cases you will be hired by a company that is of your own nationality. However, you’ll still need to adapt your resume to meet the expectations of this company operating in a foreign company. If you’re applying to several jobs abroad, you’ll need a resume that is adaptable and covers your bases for the needs of foreigners and your fellow expatriates. Some things to consider when writing your resume are:


The format of your resume should follow the standard International or european CV format. You should start out with your name and personal contact information followed by your objective which will be specific to the job you’re applying for. Next up you should include two short sections – one which is a summary of qualifications which highlights relevant professional and academic experience. You may also wish to include travel experiences here. The second section is a summary of skills or strengths relevant to the job in question. Last, include your professional background which should include detailed employment and academic history, listing the most recent first.


It is recommendable to send your resume in the native language of the country you’re applying to as well as in English. This will cover your bases as the person hiring you may well be a native English speaker if the company is foreign.

Personal Section

Many countries are accustomed to employers asking personal details of candidates. This information typically includes marital status and age. In some countries it’s even customary to ask for information about a candidate’s health and religion. If you’re open to including this information, it may score you some extra points for being transparent. Find out what’s normal in the country you’re applying to and then make your decision.

Cross-Cultural Skills

It’s important to highlight your cross-cultural skills and experience on your resume. If you want to make a big impression, you can include a separate section that highlights your cross cultural experiences. You can include your participation in overseas exchanges while studying, friendships with foreigners in your own country, previous working abroad experiences, language skills, family background, etc.

When developing your international career, remember that your resume will be a very important first impression as you’ll be competing with other international and local candidates. You’ll need to be sure you stand out from the crowd in your experiences and skills. Wherever possible make sure your personality stands out in your resume when listing skills and accomplishments. Make sure you go the extra mile to make your resume in a style that is appropriate and well-done according to the local standards. If possible, find a person native, a resume writer or a career coach to the country you’re applying to and ask them to look over your resume. Having a great international resume will not only help you land a job interview and it will help you gain confidence.

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About U Diverse’s founder: Magali Toussaint is the founder of U Diverse. She is an ICF-certified leadership and career coach, cross-cultural trainer and job search strategist with an extensive career in recruitment, HR, diversity, and education. She has also helped international organizations on their talent acquisition strategies and diversity plans. She has lived and worked in over four countries. To learn more, visit her Linkedin profile at

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